Why Choose Stewart


Master Craftsmen

Our craftsmen have decades of experience in building machines and parts. They have a personal passion and skill that makes them treasured by designers and product managers. With experience that spans a machine's life-cycle, we can offer guidance on issues that may not otherwise be evident until later in the life of your machine.

Long-standing Reputation

Our long-standing heritage gives us the unbeatable track record of crafting superior machines, parts and assemblies across multiple job-shop skills. We are recognized for our quality, accountability and even the aesthetics of our machines. What we build works. Hundreds of machines in operation today prove it.

Balance of Quality and
Rapid Turnaround Time

We understand the "go-to-market" speed that companies require to stay competitive. Speed and quality are both of critical importance on every project and must be kept in balance. Our commitment to accuracy in both planning and implementation assures we deliver quality results on time. No excuses.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

We are accustomed to entering into
nondisclosure and privacy agreements
(CDAs and NDAs) on a multi-national
level and providing both physical and
visual security in order to protect your
intellectual property (IP), branding and
other proprietary information.

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