Assembly & Sub-Assembly
Success Stories

Focusing on Core Competencies

A major distributor of paper packaging machinery manufactured specialty equipment in house for many years. During slower times it was extremely difficult to maintain a complete complement of manufacturing personnel. After a thorough search for special purpose machine manufacturers, this customer came to Stewart and a partnership was forged. The manufacturing of all specialty machines to this client’s specifications was totally outsourced to Stewart. Many expenses were avoided, profitability improved significantly, and the company sharpened its focus on innovation, marketing, sales, and service. In a year’s time, Stewart has manufactured more than a half dozen of these machines and shipped them around the world.

"Stewart Assembly and Machining has all the resources to complete the job that we require. This allows us to improve our competitive edge. Also Stewart never allows us to make a mistake in the development and manufacturing of our machines. We rely upon Stewart as a complete partner and friend."

Expediting Machine Innovations to Awaiting Customers

A leading developer and marketer of plastic bottle labeling machines turned to Stewart in order to speed the delivery of machine innovations to customers keen on gaining the new advantages. Previously, the manufacturing and service of mature machine models tied-up assembly resources and delayed the release of machine innovations to customers wanting to capitalize on the business advantages. The manager of the machine development group lamented, “We’re never sure when our in-house guys are going to be on the road...”and not making progress on assembling a machine for a customer. Stewart’s experience and dedication with building and refining complex machinery allowed the machine innovations to reach customers’ production facilities months earlier and within budget. As Stewart’s craftsmen built these machines, they worked closely with designers and provided notes of critical adjustments and verbally-communicated design changes. At the end of a recent project, the lead designer remarked that Stewart’s assembly mechanics and machinists are “the best I’ve worked with” during his decades in the industry.



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