Parts Machining Success Stories

Keeping Critical Machines Running with Reverse-Engineered Parts

A mid-sized printing company has numerous specialized machines that are too costly -- or in some cases not even possible -- to have the original manufacturer repair or replace. Stewart’s reverse engineering and machining resources are able to reproduce the parts that keep these machines operating. For this printing company,

“The first-time cost of a reverse-engineered part is far less than replacing the machine if the part is no longer available and often less than a replacement part from the original manufacturer.”

Once a part is reverse-engineered and machined, the subsequent cost to reproduce the part is even less, because there are only machining costs. All or just some aspects of reverse-engineering a part can be outsourced to Stewart, even the onsite service work to replace the old part in the machine with the new part.

Avoiding the Cost of Late or Early Parts

A Fortune 1000 manufacturer of sizable machine tools ranks Stewart consistently as a top on-time provider of mid-sized machined parts. They understand the cost their company incurs if parts are even a day late or a day early. Stewart keeps in close communication on the delivery schedule for parts and provides updates as needed. Typically, the parts are weldments machined on horizontal boring mills then painted and prepared for shipment.

“We can count on Stewart to make some large tricky parts to spec and deliver on time so we don’t have our assembly techs spending time inefficiently to wait on a part. Also, with Stewart’s on-time delivery, we aren’t paying for parts earlier than we should.”


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